Magdalena Piech


    Born 1989 in Krasnik, Poland

    Lives and works in Berlin

    2012 Bachelor of Fine Art - Focus in Painting, Printmaking, Drawing and Natural Illustration, School of the Art Institute in Chicago: SAIC

    2015 Master of Arts - Focus in Art and Design, University of Art and Design in Berlin: BTK

    2023 Art Karlsruhe, BARK BERLIN GALLERY

    2022 In Darkness Let Me Dwell, BARK BERLIN GALLERY (duo)

    2022 Artist Reception, The Code, Berlin (s)

    2021 Artist Reception, Quadrat Shop, Berlin (s)

    2021 Pop Up: Fetish, The Ballery, Berlin

    2021 Pop Up 2, The Ballery, Berlin

    2020 Limbo, Mainoeuvre Gallery, Berlin (s)

    2018 AtelierAusstellung, Christinenstrasse Pop-up Gallery, Berlin (s)

    2018 Shadow People, La Dolce Gallery, Berlin

    2018 Dress Me/Draw Me/ Shoot Me, Kabinett.25, Berlin



You Are Not Me by Magdalena Piech
Magdalena Piech - You Are Not Me

Virgin 2 by Magdalena Piech
Magdalena Piech - Virgin 2

Immaculate Conception by Magdalena Piech
Magdalena Piech - Immaculate Conception

Figure 1 by Magdalena Piech
Magdalena Piech - Figure 1