Charlie Stein, Ricard Larsson, Lucas Pertile, Juan Bolivar, Magdalena Piech

Art Karlsruhe 2023

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BARK BERLIN GALLERY presents works by Charlie Stein, Lucas Pertile, Juan Bolivar, Magdalena Piech and Richard Larsson at Art Karlsruhe.

Charlie Stein is a cosmopolitan who has already had her studio base in Berlin for a few years. She paints figures, faces of humanoids, human robots that seem frozen and enclosed in their highly exaggerated, clichéd emotional worlds. At the same time, we want to approach and reveal ourselves to these needy and also seductive figures. Charlie Stein's painting is confident, casual, and very elegant, and thus also testifies to the seductive ambivalence of her subjects.

Lucas Pertile is at home in Argentina. He has a country house in the tropical rainforest, which stages a tremendous blossoming and decay around him, in which he is part of a great aliveliness, the roar of the monkeys, the blossoming of the plants, but also witness of decay, becoming prey and rotting. Last but not least, this paradise produces predators for everyone in abundance. This powerful symphony of beauty and life is the great and captivating theme of his dynamic, gestural painting, in which the colors glow and the figures undergo mystical transformations.

Juan Bolivar lives in London and teaches painting at the University of Arts in London. His painting is an affectionate blend of Op Art, Pop Art, Neoplasticism and the quirky friendly denizens of the American comic book world. Whether Bart Simpson or Bugs Bunny, they are interwoven with well-known works of art and elevated to exhilarating icons in his painting.

Magdalena Piech lives in Berlin. She studied painting in Chicago and mainly draws motifs from the fetish subculture in which she is also active as a model. Her drawings depict figures in fixed, introverted situations, in which they are at the mercy of a certain constraint, but without losing tenderness and sensitivity. Her figures seem to radiate a particular sensitivity in the corset of constraint.

Richard Larsson turned 70 this year. His life is marked by restlessness, which led him from his native Sweden via Israel and Italy to Berlin 17 years ago. For decades he has been working on huge bronze sculptures in which he very uncompromisingly presents his critical, dystopian view of the world. His unusual, concise œuvre will undoubtedly attract great attention and can be considered a real insider tip.