Ricard Larsson

Nuclear Black

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Exhibition Opening | Tuesday, April 18th | 5 - 9 pm

Exhibition Duration | April 19th to May 10th

Nuclear Black

The exhibition "Nuclear Black" includes new oil paintings on paper by Ricard Larsson from the year 2023. The works are mainly graphic. One gets the impression that it is easy for Ricard Larsson to basically use the 3-dimensionality of the dark black colored wax, from which he draws his sculptures into space, to continue in the 2-dimensionality of the canvas or handmade paper with ink, oil paint, black acrylic paint.

The themes are, of course, the same that have driven Ricard Larsson for 40 years. People who kill each other for meaningless trifles, people who heroically let their idea triumph over the death of others, the omnipresence of brute force that makes more sense to simple-minds than love and affection. Nothing new under the black sun of hatred in this world, one could say, nothing unknown - known, old known, always the same idiotic murders, always the same idiots.

Ricard Larsson describes the greatest achievement and the greatest failure of culture: to control the aggression instinct.