Matthias Dornfeld, Susannah Martin, Ondrej Drescher, Lucas Pertile, Charlie Stein, Marc Bijl, Andy Best, Phil King, Matthew Collings, Dennis Rudolph, Daniel Chluba, Kerstin Pfefferkorn, Toby Ursell & Yael Graetz and Ricard Larsson

Groupshow at studio Ricard Larsson & Yael Graetz on occasion of BERLIN ART WEEK


Berlin Art Week is a platform and the largest association of the most important players in Berlin's contemporary art scene. Once a year BAW present a diverse programme with over 50 partners ranging from museums to exhibition houses, to fairs, private collections and project spaces as well as numerous galleries.

Together, the partners open their doors and invite you to make new discoveries and immerse yourself in current developments in contemporary art during the art week. Art experts, art enthusiasts, international and national guests as well as Berliners are invited to the exhibitions, performances, screenings and extensive mediation offers of the festival week.

BARK BERLIN GALLERY presents 15 artists in the studio of Yael Graetz and Ricard Larsson at the Uferhallen in Weding in Berlin during the Open Studios of Berlin Art Week.