Ricard Larsson

Black Metal

Black Metal
Hell is a productive place. Ricard Larsson knows: it has a bad reputation, and unjustly so. In its depths stands the workshop of the world. Since the beginning of time, the hottest fires of creation have burned there. Nowhere else you can find more experienced professionals. They have always separated sheer metal from perishable slag.
There Larsson gives shape to his sculptures. Black wax turns into bronze. This material is the beginning of civilisation: false gods, idols and weapons - the first technology of mankind.
What has happened since then? Progress? Whether in the Tower of Babel or a modern house - chaos and confusion reign everywhere. Do we see attackers or fugitives? Ghouls? Greedy zombies? Nutty "fighters" for some insanity? Yes, all of this. All this is us.
Achilles' bronze sword and a crashed helicopter become the same, for the lurking crocodiles anyway. They are nature and know nothing of hells.
Our nature also remains as it was. Or? Frisky rat-people in mickeymouse camouflage, horny for marching, mowing down, on their way to the abyss by route planner, again and again to the eternal drum sound of destruction, - is this still old mask magic or the latest hot genetic engineering?
Time is meaningless here. Ricard Larsson shows eternal truths. That means: escape is impossible! But: Relax. Let's settle in. There is no need for sorrow and worry. Babylonians and Assyrians, the Pharaohs, Aztecs and Mayans and Incas disappeared. Their art exists.
So if you want a beautiful piece of eternity for your home now - here it is to see and to have: by Ricard Larsson in the BARK BERLIN GALLERY!

Holger Jancke