Daniel Chluba

Unterschätze nie einen Mann der sich selbst überschätzt

Never underestimate a man who overestimates himself. Best of Daniel Chluba. 

10 years of antagonistic art clown and still not a nice shitstorm in sight. Anyone can create clumsy shitstorms. 

The nine best performances by Daniel Chluba will be on show. The red thread is not the red colour of Chluba's clothes, the red thread is a wild cocktail of anarchism, dadaism and anti humour. Often naked and with all his body, Daniel Chluba is at the start for art. In Vienna he is arrested twice in the role of "Hasskäppchen". As the bicycle courier "capitalism feels like minimal art" he rides through the city with a huge box on his back. As "Kaiserlich Königliche Kindliche Majestät Hartzkönigin IV" he lets himself be carried in a sedan chair to the Berlin City Palace. 

For the first time Chluba shows a series of traced drawings, which are presented hanging on the wall as well as self-standing performance models.

For the exhibition opening of there will be a Finocchio Performence "Naseweiß". 

Chluba's performances and actions, culminate, in the exhibition to a trash firework.

Characters on display
Daniel Chluba, 
homme moyen,
der die das Weihnachtsmännin,
der Clown Schluba,
Das Hasskäppchen, 
capitalism feels like minimal art Fahrradkurier,
Die Kaiserlich Königliche Kindliche Majestät Hartzkönigin IV
and der gute Zentaur mit dem Bart von Oerlinghausen.

Daniel Chluba as "Daniel Chluba". 

is a character collective which so far consists of 27 individuals. All individuals of the "Finocchios" are alike in their gross form, regardless of gender. Only by their noses and the shape of their penises they can be distinguished. All social, environmental and genetic factors can be read off the nose and penis, such as wealth neglect, digital overdose or even the boreout epidemic.

homme moyen
With the bread mask, he embodies the average man. The averageness and the number crunching of the digital world is questioned . Is the quantification of the world the new religion? What is all forgotten because it cannot be calculated? The average is always bullshit. Don't believe the monster of mediocrity.

der die das Weihnachtsmännin
has taken off the red coat (climate change). In 2021 "die das Weihnachtsmann" has tried to kill himself again and again. Christmas is just shit. 

The clown Schluba and his taboo circus
The visitors of the Pigeon circus turned on a taboo wheel and got a random taboo. With the taboo, photos were taken of the visitors with the clown Schulba for the ad-supported networks. It is not about staging oneself especially good, beautiful or intelligent - as usual in the networks. It's about shocking your followers. 

Das Hasskäppchen
"Das Hasskäppchen" consists of a knee-length, red wool mask with a pom-pom; only the bare feet peek out at the bottom. "Das Hasskäppchen" is reminiscent of the balaclava, Little Red Riding Hood, burka, full-body condom (The Naked Gun), pussyhat, with a bit of Pussy Riot (the pom-poms). "Das Hasskäppchen" is a materialisation from the digital hate posts on the internet plus Chlubas very personal hate. 

On 11.10.2017 and 06.11.2017 the "Das Hasskäppchen" performance in Vienna was stopped by the police due to the alleged violation of § 2 Abs. 1 AgesVG, the Anti-Face Veiling Act, which is primarily an anti-burqa law. It is important for him to make clear that he did not slip into the role of a woman during the performance, but wanted to make a statement against the anti-burqa law by wearing a deeply male garment, the bobble hat. The hate cap was taken to the police station. His personal data were taken and a fine was imposed. He filed an objection against the fines. The objection was not forwarded to the court by the police and was delayed and is therefore time-barred. Therefore, the performance must be repeated to determine whether the Anti-Face Veiling Act or artistic freedom is a higher good. 

capitalism feels like minimal art Fahrradkurier
The "capitalism feels like minimal art" bike courier rode around with his bike and his big box. The aim of the action was to draw attention to the global kistianization. A pamphlet was also published to accompany the action.

Die Kaiserlich Königliche Kindliche Majestät Hartzkönigin IV.
"Die Kaiserlich Königliche Kindliche Majestät Hartzkönigin IV." was carried to the city palace (Stadtschloss) in a red palanquin with the inscription "We love the system". In front of the palace (Stadtschloss), "Die Kaiserlich Königliche Kindliche Majestät Hartzkönigin IV." and the police decided that "Die Kaiserlich Königliche Kindliche Majestät Hartzkönigin IV." should take care of the counter-demonstrators, in front of whom the official spokesman of "Die Kaiserlich Königliche Kindliche?Majestät Hartzkönigin IV." gave a flaming speech on the wonderful system, "Die Kaiserlich Königliche Kindliche Majestät Hartzkönigin IV." and the magnificent history-smoothing Berlin (Stadtschloss) City Palace.

Der gute Zentaur mit dem Bart von Oerlinghausen.
"Der gute Zentaur mit dem Bart von Oerlinghausen. " lived in Oerlinghausen for seven days. The centaur walked through the town, had his tail hair cut at the barber's, went shopping at Rossmann's, visited the cows in the pasture, handed out sweets and had kebab sellers and children ride on him.