Jonas Burgert, Christian Hoischen, Martin Dammann, Via Lewandowsky, Dennis Rudolph, Dima Zorkov, Ondrej Drescher, Charlie Stein, Stefan Rinck, Marianna Ignataki, Andy Best, Gregor Hildebrandt, Matthias Dornfeld, Dennis Scholl, Daniel Chluba

Celebration for Thomas

Some collectors are so close that they are not just friends or allies, they are creators for the existence of art. In our case, our thanks as a gallery go to Thomas H., a passionate collector, patron and creator of spaces where art can come to life.
We are therefore thrilled to be able to host a group exhibition in his home town with artists, who are close to Thomas and the gallery.

Let's celebrate art!
Let's celebrate those who love art!

Show is on Display in Bad Saarow, Kurparkpromenaden.