Daniel Chluba

Penis & Pandemic

Penis and Pandemic

The exhibition "Penis and Pandemic" by Daniel Chluba is dedicated to the Finocchios. The Finocchio is literally a head birth*. Was it the head that came first or the Finocchio? The Finocchio is one of a series of characters** that performance artist Daniel Chluba deals with.

There are 27 Finocchio heads in an installation. Where do the Finocchio skulls come from? From a genocide or from a mass death caused by a pandemic, as in Sedlec in the Czech Republic? The plague caused an accumulation of skulls and bones there. The church there was decorated with them and became a magnet for the public?

All Finocchios are alike in their rough shape, regardless of gender. They can only be distinguished by their noses and penises. All social, environmental and genetic factors can be read from their noses and penises, such as affluent neglect, digital overdose or the boreout epidemic.

Furthermore, there are paintings of fucking Finocchios as well as the video performance "Herumführen".

On 11. September at 8pm, the Finocchio performance "The Call" will take place.

*Finocchio #theBirth

**Previous characters: Daniel Chluba, homme moyen, "der die das Weihnachtsmännin", capitalism feels like minimal art bicycle courier, "Clown Schluba", "Das Hasskäppchen", The Good Centaur with the Beard of Oerlinghausen, The Imperial Royal Childlike Majesty Hartz-Queen IV