Charlie Stein, Angela Lane, Kata Unger, Toby Ursell, Dima Zorkov

POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2021

POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair


Booth A03

Charlie Stein
Angela Lane
Toby Ursell
Kata Unger
& Dima Zorov
together with

Kata Unger
Marianna Ignataki
Matthias Dornfeld
Andy Best
Ondrej Drescher
Dennis Scholl
Martin Dammann
Daniel Chluba
Via Lewandowsky
Dennis Rudolph

Special guest

Yvon Chabrowski

In the live performance GAZES REFLECTIONS TOUCHES, the artist Yvon Chabrowski works with a semi-transparent mirror pane, alternately reflecting from one side and looking through from the other. Either her face or the bodies of the beholders are reflected in the pane. Gazes Gazes meet in the reflection in reflection.