Charlie Stein, Via Lewandowsky, Harriet Davey, Niklas Jeroch, Dennis Rudolph, Ondrej Drescher, Alexander Butter, Marc Bijl, Takehiro Mueller, Daniel Chluba, Jan Herdlicka, Georg Hobelsberger, Friedemann Grieshaber, Diana Lange & Serste


BARK BERLIN GALLERY as one oft he first galleries in Germany, presents a pure NFT exhibition from 27.03.21 to 08.04.21, which also exclusively takes place in the digital space. The artworks can be seen on the gallery's website as well as in a virtual gallery space, which was built especially for the exhibition in the virtual world of cryptovoxels. This pioneering work was made possible not only by the exhibiting artists, including Via Lewandowsky and Ondrej Drescher, but also by the support of Carolin Wend from Mintbase, who made this new territory accessible to the gallery and the artists.
In addition to artists who have been working in the field of digital art for a long time, such as Harriet Davey or Dennis Rudolph, there are also works by artists who have dealt with art in digital space especially for this exhibition project. With this exhibition, BARK BERLIN GALLERY not only tries to build a bridge to new forms of artistic creation, but also a bridge between two currently still coexisting markets - the art market on the one hand and the crypto market on the other. While NFTs are still more of a portfolio enhancement option for cryptocurrency and crypto market connoisseurs, they hold enormous potential for the art market and for collectors who have been investing in the traditional art market. With the exhibition NFT(Kitties)LAB, BARK BERLIN GALLERY wants to contribute to the creation and exploration of these enormous potentials.
Contrary to conventional gallery practice, the exhibition also moves into new territory with the auction principle and thus adapts to common practice of the buyers of NFTs, who - true to the principle of the blockchain, on whose technology NFTs are based - place the highest value on transparency and traceability in pricing and transactions.
Come and join our virtual experience!