Tracey Snelling


Born in the USA in 1970, artist Tracey Snelling, who has also been living in Berlin for some time, comes from photography. She has a penchant for collages and likes to combine various materials.
Her trademark has become sculptures of houses and urban situations, which she furnishes with sounds and even smells. A special lighting concept and mini-screens playing videos complement the installations, which have now grown to room size and can be entered by visitors.
An exhibition by Tracey Snelling usually has the character of a plunder pop opera in at least a dozen acts. One has the feeling of standing in a workshop for doll's houses and stage models.
Tracey Snelling's models are wonderfully sentimental. Especially because they show an environment in its becoming, to which one is personally bound with certain feelings and experiences. Therefore, the changes in the known historical perspective awaken a political awareness of the changeability of the present.
Her models illustrate the artist's emotional relationship to certain times and places; at the same time, they reproduce in a certain way the private emotional household of house and district inhabitants.
On the one hand, Snelling secures traces, on the other, she projects her own into her models. An assured feeling for decorative elements confirms her success.

Christoph Tannert