Minor Alexander, Felix Oehmann

Short Notice

To whom it may concern, we hope this notice finds you well. Berlin, we know how much you like last minute commitment (if at all). But who can blame you, with the choice: Going out, dates, late nights... Yes, yes, of course - past times you say. New normal, curfew, all cancelled is now. We say, it would be a pity for all the stress of leisure time. You actually had something planned for next Saturday? Now you have something else to do. Because everyone knows that with new normal comes new motto and it goes like this: „live your day like it's your last one before quarantine“ Fastpaced is life, fastpaced is you and us on Saturday at BARK BERLIN GALLERY. The artists Minor Alexander and Felix Oehmann do themselves the honour and that finally means something. So we meet on 24.10. from 6pm at this completely glazed corner location, a quasi Corona-compliant aquarium - blubb - in which, instead of fish, the exhibits swim. Or was it flying art after all? In Oehmann's case, at least, it was swinging art, an art that jumps towards you: YOU GOT MAIL! Anything but ordinary art, but certainly related to the spontaneity of everyday life (second cousin, perhaps). Vibrant art. And above all with Minor's artificially flourishing, anamorphic art, which 'rejoices' with intense colours (pun intended) and reminds one of psychelic moss, so fluffy, but of course only reminiscent. OK, a little acid and electro were also in play, but more about that on Saturday. Everyone with a mask and some cojones is allowed to look out of the aquarium. Maybe even with a drink. Of course, this is only hypothetical and completely à la: come in and watch out. With kind regards Noelia Gaite