Takehiro Mueller

It's crazy, smile!

In Takehiro Müller's pictures, everything that one has in mind under Asian manga culture is mixed. Eyes stare lovingly at you from the picturesque camouflage and sink back into the lively world of shapes. Beaming girls' faces cheer up, lining up with self-confident superheroines with a childlike attitude. A plush good-humoured monster rises above a small town and seems to float in the clouds. The world of Takehiro, who was born in Germany and grew up in Japan, seems to be saturated with everything that Asian manga culture has to offer. This picturesque world is entertaining and exuberantly crazy, certainly, but in such a daredevil way that it resembles a craziness of a child shrieking with jubilation and joy, as if one should be infected by it and confidently follow the reassurance "It`s Crazy..." with "..., smile!" and enjoy oneself!