Danja Akulin

rock hard sea

What unites the images of Akulin? They are all landscape pictures. Classical landscapes? Locatable? With houses? With tools, with traces of everyday life? No. Romantic landscapes with symbolic references to metaphysical processes? No. No symbolism can be found. Dark, deserted, empty of animals, void of noise, silent - silent and empty and dark as in a cellar dungeon, yet a light, behind the clouds a light, the full moon - does the light shine through there as if through the cracks of a shed, can the outside world on the other side be seen on the horizon? The sea is infinite, the swell without rhythmic interruption is followed by one wave after another, a clock that counts the seconds of infinity. This infinite timelessness makes the waves of the water hard like stone, untouchable, untouchable and unreal like in a dream, dream formations that only when we wake up make us think of a horror or a feeling of happiness, but in the dream in the sight of the cellar, do we not know who closed the shed and whether we are inside or outside? So romance after all? We decide that with open eyes in the sight of the dream.