Johannes Daniel, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg

Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg und Johannes Daniel

BARK BERLIN GALLERY shows works by Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg and Johannes Daniel in an exhibition. The exhibition will be on display in the BARK BERLIN GALLERY from May 31 to June 11, 2020. Johannes develops his collage-like compositions from abstract color arragements, which are complemented by partly figurative painting and realistic image sections. Digital object images and motifs that have accumulated in his image archive over the years are transferred to the canvas in oil paint. Objects from the image archive return to the two-dimensional and at the same time, the superimposition of the motifs in the image creates spatial depth that was not intended. While Johannes Daniel's paintings arise from an engagement with color, silhouettes of everyday objects, as well as analog photographs, are a first access to the surroundings in Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg's works. Using sculptural means, she deliberately stages drawing and photography in the sculptural area and focuses on the fascination with the material. They pose the question of a guarantor for your own culture and are a hinge between the digital and analog world. The dialogue between the two artistic positions that face each other takes place on the level where motifs from classic art history dissolve in the candy colors of street advertising.