Stefan Rinck


BARK BERLIN GALLERY shows in a solo exhibition de-monstration works by Stefan Rinck. The exhibition will be presented in the BARK BERLIN GALLERY from August 23 to September 3, 2020. The clay turns into feathers, fur and scales that envelop fable beings created by Stefan Rinck. They have wise fangs and claws, reminding of monsters within the medieval tradition, which combine human and non human elements and appear rather cute then menacing. These beasts, as if assembled from several animalic body parts, call on the viewer, to put the fragmented together into the whole in order to understand its meaning, to be able to “read” the monster. Because each of the monsters is a minute physiological study, setting forth some state of the soul and illustrating the combinations of passions which may co-exist in a single consciousness. This restoration reveals invisible interpretation processes: piecing together requires separation, categorization and reinforcement of boundaries, even as it traverses them. Multiplicity of meanings may not disturb interpretation but demonstrate and thus enabling a review of the way we do and find something. Stefan Rinck's clay beings demonstrate differences at many levels - they threaten and confirm the norm in body, culture and language and embody differences already within the norm. In its biting bestiality, de-monstration offers a chance to see and feel more than we might know how to write about.