Cat Spilman

Days in Goodness Spent

Exhibition Opening | Friday, May 24th | 5 - 9 pm

Exhibition Duration | May 24th to June 14th 2024

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Poetic reflections on Cat Spilman's painting

It’s the direction. And I’m curious to follow, just like the needle of the record player, I feel the groove.
It’s the presence. I’ve been there before and I wasn’t.

Standing in the doorway of an old brick house, looking at the vanishing monochrome graffiti.

Last night I dreamt sliding through the rings of Saturn. Sudden turn with no gravity pull. They say it’s cool to go through Milky Way faster than the speed of light, but I don’t like the air mask. I like stone washed black cotton.
Exit delays. Echoes. Utopian megapolis highways. They call it orbital mechanics. “Typical celestial objects. Just zoom out and you see the bigger picture” - they say.
Aren’t those black holes aligned?

I lay down and watch a slow motion moth fly over the light bulb. And we’re too, move in response to the presence of light.

Dima Zorkov, 2024