Alexander Butter

The blue flower of Lululu

Exhibition Opening | Friday, March 22nd | 5 - 9 pm

Exhibition Duration | Saturday, March 23rd 2024 to April 12th 2024

On display at Köthener Straße 28 | 10963 Berlin

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The exhibition "The blue flower of Lululu" features a captivating 19-meter mural, resembling an infinite curtain. It emphasizes dynamic design, utilizing material properties to create undulating effects. In front are canvases with gentle gradients, adding depth. "Lululu" is a versatile expression, evoking joy or surprise, with cultural references. The exhibit showcases various styles from drip painting to surrealism, inviting viewers to explore art history.

Best of all

The blue flower of Lululu show,
A mural grand, a magic flow,
Nineteen meters, infinite sprawl,
A curtain's dance, a painter's call.

Dynamic strokes, on paper's swell,
Heavy hues, in waves they dwell,
Moisture's touch, weighty might,
Creates a scene, both dark and light.

Before this wall, canvases lie,
With gentle gradients, they catch the eye,
Organic shapes, in abstract flight,
Nature's whispers, in colors bright.

"Lululu", a phrase so free,
A whistle, a hum, a jubilee,
Spontaneous joy, or a catchy tune,
In every context, it finds its boon.

And within this exhibition's realm,
Diverse styles take the helm,
Drip and action, surreal dreams,
A kaleidoscope of artistic themes.

So, "Lululu" leads the way,
To an island where artists play,
Amidst crashing waves, and skies of blue,
A haven awaits, just for you.

Under palm or flower's gaze,
Jeppe Hein's smile, a welcome blaze,
Inhale deeply, let worries flee,
For "Lululu" sets your spirit free.

Alexander Butter