Dima Zorkov

The Lifestyle You Ordered

BARK BERLIN GALLERY presents works by Dima Zorkov in a solo exhibition “The Lifestyle You Ordered”. The exhibition will be on the display in the BARK BERLIN GALLERY from September 27th to October 8th, 2020. To what extent can a photograph be story teller and to what extent can the perception be understood as narrative appropriation? Photographer Dima Zorkov does not intervene the action in front of his camera but waits for the moment when all elements come together in a way that the randomly found situation becomes a narrative. For his works Dima Zorkov uses traditional photographic equipment and manual techniques. All images are hand printed on high quality archival paper. With his capturing and processing techniques Dima create the order in which people and scenes appear detached from reality and talk to the observer from another angle of perception.