Paul Housley, Karla Marchesi, Lucas Pertile


5. Amtsalon

Exhibition Duration | Friday, December 1st to December 3rd

On display at Wilmina | Kantstraße 79 | 10627 Berlin

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The BARK BERLIN GALLERY is pleased to announce the upcoming presentation "BARK and the Gang" featuring works by Paul Housley, Karla Marchesi and Lucas Pertile at the Amtsalon 2023. Each of these three artists has had a solo exhibition at the BARK BERLIN GALLERY over the course of the year for the Berlin audience.

Paul Housley, based in London, showcased his new works in the exhibition "Elbow Eye & Clock" in Berlin. His pieces, while initially appearing rugged and structured, are imbued with a delicate melancholy. Working on a small scale, Housley uses oil on canvas to depict everyday objects, variations of found images, and pop-cultural motifs. Despite his adventurous themes, his paintings convey a timeless sequence of subtle melancholy, eeriness, and gentle humor, inviting viewers to embark on an imaginative journey through time and space.

Karla Marchesi utilizes the 17th-century Dutch still life painting genre to explore sociocultural concerns in our modern society. Her works blend time, space, existing botanical species, and fantastical mutations in tumultuous landscapes, influenced by the unsettling forces of "globally eerie" weather phenomena. Marchesi reenvisions the convergence of desert and oceanic landscapes, the emergence of flora underwater, and the overgrowth of remnants of a past anthropocentric world.

Thanks to Lucas Pertile, the wild and vibrant jungle in northern Argentina will come to life with vivid colors in the historical building of Amtsalon.
Lucas Pertile's paintings narrate the wilderness with dynamic and gestural brushstrokes, depicting leaves as dynamic as horses, horses wild as a storm, and monkeys secretly forming their own society. His vibrant colors capture the spectacle of blossoms, washed-out soils, celestial phenomena, and magical gestures. The dynamism of life in the rainforest is portrayed through quickly placed watery areas carrying layered color, symbolizing the constant cycle of becoming and passing.
In the hut where Lucas paints, amidst the Misiones jungle, the fauna is dense, populated by endless ants and numerous beetles. Tarantulas fall to the ground with a dull crunch, and the chirping of insects can be haunting. Lucas is an integral part of this nature, never neutral, sometimes threatened, sometimes ignored, and at times an intruder.