Takehiro Mueller

The Milky Way

Exhibition Opening | Saturday, November 18th | 5 - 9 pm

Exhibition Duration | Sunday, November 19th to December 14th

On display at Köthener Straße 28 | 10963 Berlin

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A profound sense of guilt that doesn't know how to atone turns to ritual to not just redeem that guilt, but to universalize it.

The representation of the nursing Virgin Mary, Maria lactans, holds a unique position in art history. This iconography traces its roots back to the Egyptian goddess Isis, who nursed the infant Horus. However, the depiction of too much exposed skin in religious artwork once displeased the Church. During the Mannerist era, the Church took steps, particularly to restrict Maria lactans representations, out of concern that such images might distract the faithful from prayer.

Today, there is no longer concern that anyone would be distracted from prayer because in a hedonistic holiday culture, people no longer hope for redemption but revel in fatal indebtedness, celebrating the festival of arbitrariness and letting the parallel lactating breasts overflow like freshly uncorked champagne bottles. Cheers!