Paul Housley

Elbow Eye & Clock

Exhibition Opening | Saturday, October 7th | 5 - 9 pm

Exhibition Duration | Sunday, October 8th to October 31st

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The London-based artist Paul Housley presented his new works in the exhibition "Elbow Eye & Clock" in Berlin. His pieces are imbued with a delicate sense of melancholy, even though their technique may initially appear rugged and textured. Housley works on a small to tiny scale, using oil on canvas to paint everyday objects and variations of found images and pop-cultural motifs. Despite his adventurous inclination towards the most unconventional and contrasting subjects, his paintings do not come across as ironic commentary. Instead, they unfold a timeless sequence of subtle melancholy, eeriness, and gentle humor. His artworks invite one to imagine the most whimsical stories, surrender to their spontaneity, and embark on an adventurous journey through time and space in the realm of imagination. The exhibition "Elbow Eye & Clock" created an atmosphere of gentleness, sensitivity, and delicate storytelling, which, despite the textured and thick surface contours, lingers as a gentle introspection in one's memory.