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New Fever Dreamers

We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of YOKO. Our hearts ache for her family and friends during this difficult time. We extend our sincere condolences to everyone.

Yoko worked at Slangin Dat Ink (Peterson) for only a few months but left lessons that will last a lifetime: “Smile. Be happy no matter how hard things get sometimes,” Peterson recalled.

Exhibition Opening | Saturday, September 2nd | 5 pm till 11 pm

Exhibition Duration | Sunday, September 3rd to October 31st

The upcoming "New Fever Dreamers" exhibition presents a distinctive group of artists from New Orleans who originate from the queer scene and celebrate a rebellious, life-affirming expression. These life artists have come together as a loose community, using textiles, performances, theater, drag costumes, Mardi Gras processions, and festive attire to integrate the carnivalesque as a lasting expression of joy in their art, lifestyle, and way of life.

Beyond society's conventional material valuation, these artists live on the fringes and focus on alternative values. They prioritize friendship over material gain and aim to define happiness in their art not through competition, but by sharing experiences with others. Their art embodies a vibrant, colorful, queer, and unconventional attitude, characterized by authenticity.

The "New Fever Dreamers" exhibition offers a captivating overall installation that immerses the viewer in a world where individuality, community, and joy take center stage. These artists transcend boundaries and challenge conventional norms, while celebrating a daily revelry of life. The exhibition opens a space to explore the diversity of human experience and reconsider conventional definitions of success and art. Anticipate an engaging and inspiring encounter with the "New Fever Dreamers." This exhibition is curated by Victoria Jung, who has documented these young individuals in New Orleans through her extensive photographic project. Her photographs were already showcased this year in the "Fever Dream" exhibition at the BARK BERLIN GALLERY.