Charlie Stein


    Charlie Stein is born 1986

    She lives and works in Berlin

    2008 – 2014 Graduate studies social sciences at the University of Stuttgart, Germany

    2007 – 2010 Graduate studies painting / media arts at the state academy of fine arts, Munich. Gerhard Merz, Klaus vom Bruch

    2009 – 2014 Graduate studies fine arts, State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart, Germany

    2013 Tongji University, Shanghai. Courses in chinese culture, economics and language as part of an academic grant from the state of Baden Württemberg

    2016 – 2017 Postgraduate studies fine arts advisors: Christian Jankowski, Dr. Thomas Girst

    2023 Art Karlsruhe, BARK BERLIN GALLERY (s)

    2022 Flow My Tears, BARK BERLIN GALLERY (s)

    2022 Contemporary Istanbul,, Istanbul

    2022 Unimate, Evelyn Drewes Galerie, Hamburg (s)

    2022 Five!, Valerius Art Gallery, Luxembourg

    2022 A Portrait of Spirits, BARK BERLIN GALLERY

    2021 Celebration for Thomas, BARK BERLIN GALLERY

    2021 Unimate, Smac, Berlin (s)

    2021 First Day Above Ground, BARK BERLIN GALLERY, Berlin (s)

    2021 Portrait of a Future, Priska Pasquer Gallery, Cologne (s)

    2021 The Outside of the Inside, BARK BERLIN GALLERY



Stasis (Skin) by Charlie Stein
Charlie Stein - Stasis (Skin)

Stasis (Desert Launch) by Charlie Stein
Charlie Stein - Stasis (Desert Launch)

ZeroG (Mining) by Charlie Stein
Charlie Stein - ZeroG (Mining)

On Holiday by Charlie Stein
Charlie Stein - On Holiday

Flow My Tears (Eliza Malfunctioning) by Charlie Stein
Charlie Stein - Flow My Tears (Eliza Malfunctioning)

Flow My Tears (System Failure) by Charlie Stein
Charlie Stein - Flow My Tears (System Failure)